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This website is a network of ideas and work that have been done by Lukas Enembe, the first Governor from the Highlands of Western New Guinea (Papua Province of Indonesia).

We decided to set up this website in order to bridge the people around the world with the vision and mission of Mr. Lukas Enembe as the first generation after the stone-aged era who managed to become a Governor of a modern nation-state called Indonesia in this post-modern era.

As we have noticed so far, for Mr. Enembe to become the first person in Papua Province was not that easy, both socio-culturally and politically. Socio-culturally, Lukas Enembe is the first generation who were sent to modern schools after modernisation reached the highland tribes in 1960s – 1970s. Even there are still some tribes who do not know anything about us modernised people out there in the jungle today. Lukas Enembe is the first generation from the highlands stone-age tribes who managed to become the governor, just after less than 50 years of modernisation contact with the tribes, particularly the Koteka Tribes.

There are 7 Koteka Tribes in the highlands. Koteka means “penis gourds”, the plant that are normally used as the protector of the men’s penis, regarded as the clothes of the men in the highlands (of the Koteka tribes)

Politically it was impossible for Lukas Enembe to become the governor after the second-second period of Barnabas Suebu governorship. Barnabas Suebu became governor for the first two periods in 1988-1993 as the Governor of Irian Jaya (the name of Papua province at that time). And then in the second period in 2006-2011. The next Governor of the Papua Province is Lukas Enembe became the governor on 9 April 2013, two years after Barnabas Suebu ended his second-second term of Governorship.

It was obvious that the Central Government was not prepared to allow Lukas Enembe to become the next Governor of Papua. For two years, Central Government appointed Caretaker Governors dr. Costand Karma and Syamsul Arief Rifai (pj.) respectively. A rare case where caretaker governors were leading a province for two years. This is the reality of the socio-political situation that did not block Lukas Enembe to become the first Governor of the Central Highlands of Western New Guinea.

Lukas Enembe was sworn into office as the Governor of Papua Province in 2013, and so far he has been somewhat controversial in many things that he had said and did, but at the same time also useful for the central governmen. As a representative of the central government, most of the time he speaks so openly about what Papuans want and need and what might happen if Jakarta fails to provide them.

This blog is aimed at presenting what Lukas Enembe really wants and what Indonesia is giving to himself and his people. This website was set up based on a request from the Late Rev. Imannuel Genongga, B.Th., former President of the Evangelical Church of Indonesia and former member of the Majelis Rakyat Papua (MRP). His meeting with his former Treasurer late 2015, and their plan to write a book about Lukas Enembe has led to this blog being presented to you.

His former treasurer (in this case is the blogger) expects to see more information on Lukas Enembe, as well as what Papuans wants and needs, and the response from Jakarta will be presented here. For further info or to submit your artikel, please write to info@lukasenembe.net

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